CCA Music Club 09/11/2017

Since today was the first day that we started our club, our music club need to recruit new members to expand the club. We enabled the candidates to prepare one song to show them off, after which the proprietor chose some of them to join the club. Fortunately, each one who have the desire to join the club was all accepted. Some candidates who had the capability to play the instruments all showed their talents to us. Then we chose a relaxing song to practice. At the end of today’s activity, we all felt pleased and released!😋


Girls’ Brigade 04/11/2017

Just before several minutes, I had finished the Girls’ Brigade activity on this weekend. Same as each time before, I woke up and put on the uniform, then went to the hall and gathered to the team. This time, however, I didn’t see Mrs Sim so that I felt a little bit disappointed. It may merely because of missing her or a sense of loss of the team. Fortunately, there was still a guide directing us to finish the task completely. She led us to sing the chant, acquire knowledge about Versus and play the games. I can experience the justice when I stood in the line and feel the shock when we sang the chant. That may be the sublimation of my soul and spirit. Contrasting with before, we played a game which can assist us to know more about ourselves on the weekdays so that we received our reports. We began to recognize ourselves with clarity in detail. Finally, they support us a host of suggestions on which could have the capability to surge our intellect and behaviors mentally and physically. It was so grateful that they could be responsible to let us know our disparity diverse from before in massive domains. I love GB and the friends there – a place where I can search the sense of belonging in Singapore, a place where I can know love and peace from the world no matter who, where and how.🙏🏻